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Coppelian concerts at the end of 2013

Here I am again, to tell you about the coppelian concerts at the end of the year. ‘Wonderful’ is the only word that comes near the description of this indescribable, extraordinary event. So what are you waiting for? Just read it yourself!

Off course a lot of Mumpitz was already done before we even took off to Annaberg. Cookies were made, chicken wings were eaten. The 28th December 2013 the fan-fraction from Kaiserslautern arrived. They had just been to the concert and were hoping to get a warm bed and something to eat. They got what they wished for. We were very happy to welcome Olya, the fan delegate from Russia, for the first time. Later on Karen from Belgium joined us. We are very proud to announce this international cooperation and hope that it will only increase in the future!

Annaberg - Brauerei

Travelling to Annaberg, no problems at all. When we arrived, it was already dark. Glühwein and Lebkuchen (gingerbread) were put on a table tennis table. Everybody was welcome to have a drink and we didn’t have to wait long for people to join in. The big ‘Voss-cooky’ disappeared mysteriously out of the box… If there are cookies somewhere, you can be sure that Herr Voss is in the neighbourhood. The same counts for the Professor. Thanks to everyone who brought something with them. We had such a good time!!
Finally the domestic servants marched into the concert hall. They carried their carpet beaters, that were equipped with suitable statements and in a big bag you could find the latest edition of the Käseblatt. The servants had high expectations. The concert: Waaaahaha, it felt so good to see all the members of the band in such good shape again. The acoustic songs were really impressive. This time I still remember ‘I changed everything’ and also ‘Mitten ins Herz’. The song was performed in a fascinating way – Well done! All together the set list was still the same. The public was having a lot of fun and participated the whole evening. For me, it was an extraordinary event. I had the feeling that everyone was very enthusiastic and that the concert was worth seeing. Also the bar was excellent. There was enough to drink and the prices were good. The evening was amazing!

Immediately after the concert the handing over of the Käseblatt took place. It went very smoothly. Both Sissy Voss and Le Compt Caspar were very happy with the latest edition As soon as they got one in their hands, there was nothing that could stop them from reading anymore. The latest edition of the Käseblatt is from now on also available at the merchandise stand of band. Anyone who wants, can give a small donation in the box that can be found at the Coppelius merchandise stand.

Overnight we stayed at the house next to the Brauerei. It was better than we had hoped for. Only the mattresses were like submarines, but… because we all have dreamt of being a captain once in our lives, we didn’t care. The whole stay was very cheap. Especially when you are aware of the fact that the breakfast, that was included, was very large. There was more than enough to eat. So thumbs up!

Frankfurt - Nachtleben

The journey: long, but not too long.
The accommodation: a very good hostel.
The food: chicken at the main station of Erfurt.
And then everything continued in the expensive streets of Frankfurt, or rather said at Nachtleben. The queue was very long. People were even standing outside. Waiting. The small, narrow underground rooms were crowded. The atmosphere: marvellous, hot and no fresh air at all... But who cares!

The concert: I find it hard to say, but the opening acts were just tremendous. From that moment the headliner became a little less interesting. We saw ‘Johnny’ and ‘The Butcher’, ‘Poopyface Tomatonose’ and a strange guy without his pants, who wore a paper bag on his head. There was also a kind of newspaper boy playing the piano. Nevertheless he was very capable of playing the ‘Emperors March’. I have rarely laughed so hard!! The hymn of Tomatonose ‘Röslein auf der Heiden’ went straight to the hart and rose to unseen pitches. Marvellous, curious, stupendous – superb!! To everyone who at some time becomes a chance to see the groups live: Make sure you get a ticket! It is absolutely worth it!

The thing that I really liked about Coppelius this evening was the atmosphere. It was in a strange way cosy, a bit calmer than the day before. The acoustic pieces only made this feeling stronger… Oh my goodness… ‘Black is the color’… beautiful! I had to control myself, which cost a lot of effort, not to burst into tears, what doesn’t happen very often to me. Unforgettable.
Personally I found the samba interludes very appealing. Automatically you started to dance, it was very nice. Everybody got enthusiastic. What’s more: absinth was handed out to the public. What a brew! You could literally feel, how it burned into your hart and stomach as if you had been drinking acid. The heat racing through your body combined with the rhythm of the music… it was like an explosion of sparkling life. One wants it, one does do it. Hurray! The flame of live!!
At the end, totally unexpected, my personal favourite was played as an additional song. I had been waiting already such a long time to hear it again. And finally there it was: ‘Habgier’. It was so long ago since I had experienced such an energetic performance. Thank you very much! I made it very clear that I was pleased, I think. There wasn’t much place to stand, but you can always let yourself fall down when you are among people you trust.

What a wonderful weekend filled with concerts!

Shortly after the show the calendars were handed over to the members of Coppelius. We can only say that most of the Coppelianer were almost lying on the floor, laughing. It was nice, everyone was very pleased and they thanked us a lot. Now there is again a new year waiting to be filled with lots of Mumpitz. The New Year’s Eve Pary consisted of a lot of non-sense. The end of the year was so banging, so colourful, that the new year only could have a good start.! I certainly speak in the name of a few people, if I say: Mumpitz on, 2014 is going to be fabulous. 

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