Montag, 6. Januar 2014

What exactly is the ‚Geheime coppelianische Straßenbau-Gesellschaft‘?

Well, it is the most crazy association of coppelian fans ever seen in this world! And this world revolves around Coppelius – off course.

With us you can…
- always devote yourself blindly to organise new actions - So don’t hold back your ideas about coppelian fan actions!
- have lively discussions – about everything, both Mumpitz and not Mumpitz
- organise joint carriage journeys, so that you don’t lose all your money
- enjoy yourself, meet old and new friends at parties and other gatherings!
- largely improve your daily live by keeping in touch with other people around the world who share the same ideas

You can find us on Facebook: GCSG or in our little, not official fan forum:

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