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Welcome, friend of the coppelian world!

Welcome, friend of the coppelian world!

On these pages you will find all kinds of news, reviews and, of course, balderdash about the band Coppelius. Thus, with all the turmoil that arises occasionally, the joy being on concerts or of talking to each other’s is not reduced, here are some insights that our frenzied reporter D.I.S. Closure has just gathered for you:

The coppelian world is big and fantastic. There it may happen that you meet characters, who would probably look, for the most uninitiated citizens of this beautiful world, more suspicious than so many others. It is rumored that Le Comte Caspar has been recently spotted with a Lobster Lady. As a well-bred man of the world he gave her a kiss on the scissors and also did not spare with compliments. That’s a behavior to model oneself on all of us, as we think. So if you, on your travels through the coppelian world, should encounter a person who is different than you are, see it as a chance for an interesting encounter and do not fall into behavior patterns of the modern world - please no booing, abusing, in-the-dirt-pulling, as indeed it is partially handled everywhere these times. In particular, the good sound is highly valued by coppelian people. Properties, which seem to have almost been forgotten to the modern world, belong here as standard. Meet the people with courtesy and they will pay you the proper respect. Everyone who really stands out against recklessness, rudeness and disrespect, should be ready for duels. Be warned!

Many travelers prefer to separate their lives in the modern world from their coppelian existences by using various names. The disclosure of private names without the express permission of the person concerned, will also end up in duels, death and desaster. Everyone has a right of privacy and a right to determine for themselves, which data are used where.

Yes, souvenirs are popular means to get the memory of beautiful moments upright. In the modern world, increasingly common means used are, for example, photographs. With the help of Bastille, the coppelian butler, we managed to convince the gentlemen, that this is not the devil´s work. Today, the gentlemen let you persuade them to do some photographs with you. However, you perceive it to be extremely rude to be photographed without permission. This also applies for all other travelers, who are traveling in the coppelian world. Consider this, while hunting for souvenirs.

Moving images are extremely unpopular with the gentlemen, and we see it as our duty to point vehement. To look at themselves moving in a box has deeply disturbed the men. Only Le Comte Caspar is brave enough to face this new-fangled nonsense. He has taken on the task to sift through the Movies and categorize. In a sophisticated, highly complicated method, he determines which images are suitable for public and which are not. So if you have appropriate images and want to necessarily publish them, please send them previously to this

We are pleased to welcome you to a concert of Coppelius and wish you a pleasant stay in our little world full of balderdash, mysterious characters, bubbles and of course the good tones.

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